Continuing Education

The National Association of Certified Credit Counselors believes that in order to effectively counsel and serve clients, it is necessary to consistently increase, update, and maintain professional skills and knowledge through continuing education.

Continuing Education Units

To renew your certification as a Credit Counselor, you must complete a total of 16 continuing education units (CEUs) within the two-year period of your current certification. It is your professional responsibility to fulfill this requirement, maintain records to substantiate completed CEUs, and to report them to NACCC.




Please read the following information regarding CEU requirements and reporting procedures. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards in education while, at the same time, providing web-based processes for submitting and reporting CEUs.

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  • Apply for Certification Renewal.

You may download and complete the Application for Certification Renewal Form seen Here. This is where you will list your completed CEUs. You must have at least 16 CEUs that have been completed within the dates on your certificate. Attach copies of any Certificates of Completion or Attendance, include a $100.00 renewal fee, and mail to:


PO Box: 33611


Florida, USA


TEL : (321)-725-3497

FAX : (321)-821-5331

Guidelines for CEU Approval

Our Educational Standards for the Financial Counseling Industry requires that continuing education programs be industry specific and a certificate demonstrating hours spent and competencies earned. All continuing education programs offered through our website are approve by our board and the states requiring continuing education hours meet their written standards. Please refer to the following guidelines when submitting material for our review.

1.Definition of CEU

Each unit of continuing education consists of 1 hour of attendance or application. A program of study worth 4 CEUs should take 4 hours to complete.


2.Detemining hours

Continuing education units for personally attended seminars or classes equal their duration. An 8 hour seminar is worth 8 CEUs. CEUs for self-study courses are determined by the number of hours the student is actively engaged in the material. 


3.Acceptable topics

All subjects that relate to personal financial management as well as issues surrounding credit and debt are acceptable. Eligibility is not restricted to strictly technical issues, but also includes how counselors deliver their services. This would include communication skills, counseling skills, the business use of computers, as well as topics concerning professional ethics. Ask: “Does this subject assist me in serving my clients?” If the answer to the question is “Yes,” then the topic would be included.


4.Program Formats

CEUs can be earned through seminar or class participation or through self-study. Self-study materials can take the form of books and online learning.