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The National Association of Certified Credit Counselors (NACCC) provides training and certification for credit, debt and housing counseling professionals. Our mission is to increase professionalism, standards, ethics, and positive recognition in the financial counseling industry. We believe that financial counseling represents an important consumer service and that education is the key for enhanced on-the-job effectiveness, employment satisfaction, and client retention.

Focus on the Future: Holistic Counseling


Great News! National Association of Certified Credit Counselors is sponsoring the inauguration of the Society of Financial and Career Counseling Professionals.

To find out more about the Society and its Inaugural conference please click here.

Participation at the first conference provides automatic membership in the organization for the first year. We encourage all participants to take an active leadership role. This event will be held at the luxurious Embassy Suites in Downtown West Palm Beach during south Florida's premier music festival SunFest!

Further, if you are interested in sitting on a panel at the conference please email your name and contact information together with the topic or topics you would be interested in discussing to