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We are excited to announce our 2023 Conference!

San Francisco, California
September 28th – 30th, 2023


Pursue your business, life, and career goals through continued education and networking!


Implement tools and prepare the best approach for unique counseling, coaching, and educating!


Measure your performance to become a major player within your business and community!

More Information

Mastering Business Credit: Unlocking Success for New and Aspiring Credit Coaches

August 11, 2023, 4:00 PM ET

Are you an aspiring credit coach looking to kickstart your coaching business?
Discover the secrets to building business credit with our comprehensive webinar, designed specifically for new and aspiring credit coaches like you.
In this highly informative session, Dr. Teresa will guide you through the essential steps to effectively establish and leverage business credit.
Gain the knowledge and insights necessary to propel your coaching business forward, attract clients, and establish yourself as a trusted authority in the industry.
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Let’s Connect with the SFCCP Community!
August 11, 2023 5:00 PM ET

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to network with other counselors and coaches around the country!

By Attending this virtual networking hour, you can:

  • Learn from other counselors and coaches
  • Build a referral network of other professionals
  • Discover new industry trends
  • Continuing Education Opportunities
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration (not competition)
  • Share unique experiences and best practices
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