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Introduction to FICO Score Open Access for Credit and Financial Counseling

February 8th, 2024 – 10am PT/1pm ET

Learn about a free program that enables U.S. credit and financial counseling providers to share FICO® Scores they purchase for the purpose of providing financial counseling and/or financial education services with their customers. This webinar describes the program in further detail and provides instructions for getting started.

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Demystifying FICO® Scores for Credit & Financial Counselors

February 15th, 2024 – 10am PT/1pm ET

This webinar will empower credit counselors by providing an overview of the FICO® Score, explaining the different scoring models and the five key categories of FICO® Score predictive characteristics, and how scoring works. Prepare yourself for your next client session by putting this powerful information in the palm of your hands. 

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