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Become Certified as a Credit Counselor

Educating the Credit Counselors of the Future

This advanced approach to credit counseling provides Certified Credit Counselors with the practical financial knowledge and effective counseling techniques to teach clients how to considerably improve their financial well-being.A Certified Credit Counselor has expertise and insight into personal finances and the effect money has on a person’s psychology, beliefs, and values. The Certified Credit Counselor educates clients about credit and consumer rights while remaining mindful of the stresses clients face from financial conditions. Credit Counselors facilitate evaluating options and creating an action plan to alleviate indebtedness.

Our Credit Counselors:

  • Empower and counsel the financially distressed
  • Evaluate alternatives such as debt management plans
  • Assist client with spending analysis, money behaviors, and causal factors
  • Educate clients to be self-reliant in goal-setting and decision-making
  • Create action plan with clients
Credit Counselor Job Growth

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, credit counselors have a projected job growth of 15% by 2024.

Credit counselors have a Bright Outlook according to the O*NET database for the U.S. Department of Labor. A Bright Outlook means the field is expected to see rapid growth and more job openings in the near future.

Explore the difference between Credit  Counselor and Financial Health Counselor Certification Programs


$720 ($820 with bound manual)

(Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery.)

Refunds are not provided after enrollment.

Enroll in the online course

Enrollment includes access to our online learning management system. The online course is open enrollment and self-paced with an on-call instructor! It includes exercises, review slides, audio lectures, and a practice exam. The instructor and NACCC support staff are available to assist students throughout the course.


  • Keys to Success: Solutions Through Knowledge
  • Credit Counseling Today
  • The Power of Negotiation

What You Will Learn:

•Counseling, motivation and communication techniques
• Poverty, Cultural, Diversity, and Socioeconomic Variables
•Understanding Consumer Protection Law
• Banking and Finance essentials
• Credit industry knowledge
• Credit scoring knowledge
• Credit counselor ethics
•Evaluating alternatives to resolving debt

Successful candidates earn a two-year renewable digital certificate. certificates suitable for framing are available for purchase ($25.00) when you complete your final exam.


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Request the Exam

Upon completion of the course, fill out the Request Exam Form. Testing materials are sent to the testing site indicated on the form. Proctoring services are required. These are easily arranged through local community colleges, universities, or libraries. Proctoring fees are determined by the proctoring site and may vary from location to location. NACCC also provides webcam proctoring for a one time charge of $50. The individual or firm taking the test is fully responsible for proctor payment.

The certification exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions that relate directly to the content presented in the study manual. Candidates must answer a minimum of 70 questions correctly to pass. (Please allow 7-10 business days for proctor to receive testing materials.)

Request ExamRequest Retake ExamApplication for Cert Renewal

Payment Plan Option with NACCC PAYGO

Unable to pay the enrollment fee in one payment? Pay in four payments of $180 with NACCC PAYGO and get started on your studies today!


Extension Policy

If you are enrolled in any course of study, you have a year from your enrollment date to complete the course and final exam. If you cannot complete the course within the allotted time, we do offer extensions of up to six months. The following table lists the required payments for each month of extension.

If you are interested in purchasing an extension, please contact our office at [email protected] or 321-725-3497.

Extension Prices

An interactive review seminar/webinar for groups

Why attend the seminar? The general rule in education is that we learn:
20% of what we see
40 % of what we see and hear
70% of what we see, hear and do

Triple your success rate in passing the exam the first time. Tuition Rates are based on the number of participants. Seminars optimize the performance of your counselors and your entire organization.

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