Frequently Asked Questions

What is your mission statement?

Our mission is to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) necessary to help clients increase financial literacy, address negative money behaviors, and implement sound financial management.

How long have you been in business?

The National Association of Certified Credit Counselors has been helping people achieve their goals since 1999

Are you recognized and approved?

NACCC is recognized by governing bodies requiring certification. This includes the following: approval by all states requiring certification to include all whom have adopted Uniform Debt Management Services Act; recognized by the United States Department of Justice Executive Office of the United States Trustees, Internal Revenue Service, Federal Trade Commission and approved by creditors who require counselor certification as well as the credit counseling industry recognize our status as an objective third-party credentialing organization. The creditors and industry associations have granted approval of our programs . Our certification examinations are approved for veterans training through the veterans administration. For more information please visit

How many people have gone through your program?

We currently have thousands of individuals on our national registry of certified counselors.  Many have been recertified multiple times in our years of operation

Can you tell me about your programs?

Our counselor certification programs cover:

  • Essential counseling techniques
  • Financial problem solving
  • Consumer credit
  • Consumer protection legislation
  • The sources and solutions of delinquent debt

Our curriculum is holistic in that it emphasizes not only the financial side of debt-related issues but also the emotional/cognitive aspects related to destructive money behaviors. The program is based on a needs and job analysis conducted by Florida  Tech (one of the top 50 universities  in the country).  Therefore,  it is application-based and enhances counselors ability to help consumers in financial distress.

What are differences between the programs?

Each program shares a core curriculum which is made up of four modules:

  1. Counseling/Communication Skills.  These include rapport building, listening skills, conducting interviews, and maintaining non-judgmental communication.
  2. Problem-Solving Skills.  These skills are presented as they relate to managing personal finances – gathering information, establishing financial goals, and implementing action plans.
  3. Consumer Credit.  How credit works, choosing and using credit cards and loans to your advantage, and understanding credit reporting and scoring.
  4. Dealing with Debt.  Alternatives for resolving consumer debt are explored from budgeting to bankruptcy and all the options in between.

Each program includes a different supplement book that focuses on the specific aspects of the designation you are interested in receiving.
The Credit Counselor Program includes Credit Counseling Today.  This book covers the history of credit counseling, how a debt management plan DMP works, and consumer legislation related to the debt management industry.
The Debt Settlement Specialist Program comes with The Power of Negotiation which explores negotiating techniques and conflict management styles.
The Financial Health Counselor Program includes Essential Financial Topics.  These are the top three financial goals of most consumers – paying for an education, buying a home, and saving for retirement.

What is the process leading to certification?

It is a two-step process you can complete online. Go to and click on the “Certification” link in the top menu bar.  Scroll down to the designation you are interested in.  For each one, you will find a link to enroll.

  • Step One is to fill out the enrollment form and press “Submit”.  We will receive your enrollment. You can pay for the course online, check, or, if you wish, we will take your credit card information over the phone. We send the Independent Study Materials to you via Priority Mail. Also, you will receive a Slide Show Presentation, an interactive Jeopardy-Style Quiz, and a Practice Exam through email attachments.
  • Step Two is to return to the “Certification” page and click “Request Exam”.  Fill this out once you locate a testing site that is convenient to you. Our standards require that all testing for certifications be administered by qualified proctors.  These are normally testing centers at community colleges.  Fill out the proctor information to include the proctor’s name, phone number, and email address.  We will then send the testing packet to the proctor Priority Mail for paper and pencil testing or email the proctor with a URL access code for online testing.
    Once we receive the test materials from the proctor or the score from the online test, we will send your certificate suitable for framing within ten business days.  We can also email a digital certificate if you need it.

Is there a deadline for testing?

Yes.  You must take the certification exam within one year of the date of your enrollment. Extentions are possible for extenuating circumstances; for example if a member of the military were not able to test due to deployment additional time would be allowed for review and testing if requested

It's a two-year certificate. How do I maintain my designation?

When you are certified through NACCC, you are entered in our national registry of certified counselors and you are tracked for your continuing education requirements.  You are required to complete 16 hours of continuing education within the two-year period of your certification.

What if I fail the exam?

Our success rate is high but on occasion students do not pass the first time.  You can re-test after additional preparation.  The cost for re-testing is $150.

Can you help me find a testing site?

Yes.  In the event that you cannot locate a proctor near you, we will assist in finding a testing center.  Sometimes there isn’t a community college close enough.  In that case, a public library is a good second choice.

Is it a standardized examination?

It is a 100 question multiple-choice exam.

We have several counselors that need to be certified. Do you provide training for groups?

Yes!  For groups of ten or more, we can send a trainer who will present the material in a 6 or 8-hour seminar.  Normally, the students will have their study materials before hand and the trainer will present the material one day and on the second day, administer the exam.  Success rates for students are higher with this type of format and the process is streamlined.  Once a year the seminar is offered for anyone enrolled to register.  In addition,  we offer webinars periodically through the year.  If you have a group, the rate for webinars is $150.00 per hour.

  • Please call Heather Aiello for more information  (321) 704-7098.