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Debt Settlement Specialist has been merged with the Certified Credit Counselor Program

NACCC is no longer offering the Debt Settlement Specialist certification, but you can still obtain all of the debt settlement knowledge the program offered! The supplement material has been added to Certified Credit Counselor. Now, Certified Credit Counselor provides a comprehensive coverage of debt management plans, negotiation and debt settlement.

If you have previously been certified as a Debt Settlement Specialist, your certification is still valid.

Do Debt Settlement the Right Way

debt settlement counselor

Debt settlement is an intimidating and complicated process. Those with debt often need the aid of an advocate to navigate debt settlement safely. We educate our Debt Settlement Specialists to clear the confusion and help guide those with debt back to financial stability and freedom. They equip consumers with the skills and negotiation techniques needed to move forward to a more successful future. Those who choose to pursue a certification as a Debt Settlement Specialist are eager to help their surrounding community.


  • Use knowledge of credit and debt to assist clients
  • Educate clients on ethical strategies for debt settlement
  • Provide counseling for those with debt

Debt Settlement Specialist has been merged with Certified Credit Counselor. See the outline below.

Certified Credit Counselor Outline
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