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The first month of 2018 is completed! We are sure that everyone is striving towards their financial and career goals. Throughout the month, we have been posting tips on Facebook and Twitter to inspire everyone moving forward. Some of these tips may already be actions you take, others may be simply reminders of tasks you want to do, and some might be entirely new to you! Even the savviest financial experts need reminders. For easy reading, we’ve listed all 18 Tips for 2018 below.

A dependable spending plan is always a strong step in building financial prosperity.

A toolbox and elbow grease may be all you need to save yourself big money.

Don’t forget to check your resume for spelling errors and be sure to include your biggest accomplishments.

Check your couches.

With meal planning and portion control, you may be able to save money and improve your health at the same time.

One way to get networking is joining us for our 2018 conference! We hope to see you there!

Learn more about recent changes to student loan policy here.

Our offices in Florida usually stay nice and warm. But that doesn’t mean we don’t take measures to save energy! We skim a few degrees so the air conditioning system uses less power.

It’s always better to know.

What skill are you interested in learning? Continuing education is key to building a successful career.

For those interested in credit counseling, you can become certified through NACCC. Current credit counselors can build on their skills with our continuing education courses.

Remember to just breathe.

A little patience can bring big savings.

Everyone experiences burnout at work. Don’t let it derail your career goals.

Create a separate folder in your email to save online receipts in an organized way.

Also look for deals on free shipping when ordering online

Imagine how much time you can save!

Our zero-spend day is Wednesday. When is yours?

There is still so much potential for 2018. Don’t be afraid to keep taking those small steps towards big dreams!