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As NACCC continues to update its online learning experience, four of our continuing education courses are now live and ready for enrollment:

  • Bankruptcy Counseling Specialist
  • Credit Report Specialist
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Student Loan Counseling Specialist

Continuing education is a requirement to maintain a current NACCC certification. Maintaining an NACCC certification demonstrates that NACCC counselors and coaches are committed to education and adapting to changes in the financial landscape and economic policy.



Bankruptcy Counseling Specialist

Nearly 800,000 Americans file for bankruptcy ever year. Although only a licensed attorney can directly advise a client on whether to file for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy counseling specialist can inform the client of available bankruptcy options and alternatives to empower the client to make the best decision for themselves.

This is a 16 credit hour CEU.

See the Bankruptcy Counseling Specialist course outline.


Credit Report Specialist

Credit reporting is a complicated and confusing process for most consumers. A credit report specialist guides clients through how credit report works. With this course, counselors learn the best strategies for acquiring and interpreting a credit report. They will then learn the best techniques for disputing errors. They will also learn what components make up a credit score and how to educate clients on the best methods for improving future credit reports.

This is a 16 credit hour CEU.

See the Credit Report Specialist course outline.


Customer Service Specialist

This course teaches customer service essentials to financial counselors and coaches. Students learn communication skills and strategies to prepare them for unsatisfied clients and unique situations. These communication skills extend beyond just the customer and to coworkers and colleagues as well, providing counselors and coaches with the skills they need to establish and nurture a customer service culture in their organization or business.

This is an 8 credit hour CEU.

See the Customer Service Specialist course outline.


Student Loan Counseling Specialist

Student loans are a growing problem in the United States, affecting everything from the housing market to retirement planning. In this course, counselors and coaches will learn about student loan legislation, student loan management and student loan counseling.

This is a 16 credit hour CEU.

See the Student Loan Counseling Specialist course outline.

(For those work frequently with student loans or are more interested in an instructor-led experience with a certification, we strongly recommend forgoing this continuing education course and pursuing the Student Loan Counselor certification instead).


What does continuing education mean to you? Let us know in the comments below.

New to NACCC? Check out our preview course and see if NACCC’s instructor-led, online learning experience is your best path to becoming a Certified Credit Counselor.

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