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Join NACCC on social mediaFor years our clients have asked us why we aren’t on social media.

You asked, we listened.

NACCC continues to make exciting new changes in 2018, and one of those changes is catching up with the crowd and making our team, our assistance, and our information more accessible to our students and clients.

We will be using Facebook, Twitter, and our website to share relevant news stories, tips, and other opportunities with NACCC.

This valuable information is for our coaches, counselors, and students to incorporate into their own work or share with their clients.

You can use our Facebook and Twitter pages to make recommendations, seek assistance, or ask any question you can imagine.

So I can ask any question?

Well, maybe stick to the subjects of financial and career coaching, credit counseling, and the credit industry. We also recommend questions about our programs and curriculum.

But why ask on social media when I can just call?

Of course everyone is still welcome to call! We love talking!

What we like about answering questions on social media is that the questions and answers are visible to other people who may have the same question. Comment threads on Facebook and Twitter also provide networking opportunities for financial coaches and credit counselors, creating a new venue to build community and discuss tough issues in the credit industry.

I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account.

You can make an account for free. We are sure your friends and family would love to see your face more!

But no worries if social media isn’t your thing. We are still readily available by phone, email, and even postcard!

Okay, Facebook, Twitter, phone, email, traditional mail, messenger pigeon … it looks like getting connected with NACCC is easy. Any other ways I am missing?

Just one! Our CEO Heather Aiello strives to leave a personal touch in everything we do. Which is why she’s encouraging all NACCC coaches, counselors, and interested students to connect directly with her on LinkedIn.

Oh! And you can contact us right here on our website! Just leave a comment below!



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