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A new year is beginning, so it might be time to learn something new, especially if you’re a credit counselor or financial coach ready to renew your certificate.

NACCC has three new continuing education courses available and ready for enrollment:

  • Financial Educator
  • Housing
  • Senior Credit Counselor

Continuing education is a requirement to maintain a current NACCC certification. Maintaining an NACCC certification demonstrates that NACCC counselors and coaches are committed to education and adapting to changes in the financial landscape and economic policy.



Financial Educator

Education is the key to success. This is especially true in the world of personal finance. In this continuing education course, students learn how to present financial knowledge to large groups of people. Financial counselors will learn how to inspire different types of students, how to improve event attendance, and how to deliver interesting, useful financial content. This course is especially beneficial to any credit counselor or financial coach who frequently works with larger groups, or is hoping to present at major events in the future.

In addition to learning how to find audiences and deliver a presentation, students enrolled in the course will study financial literacy content to enhance their knowledge and establish themselves as an expert in the field.

Students in this course will practice what they learn by creating and showcasing their own presentation.

This is a 16 credit hour CEU.

See the Financial Educator course outline.


photo of blue house - real estate imageHousing

Finding affordable housing is a growing issue. Fewer people are achieving the American dream of owning their own property. A credit counselor or financial coach can help by learning more about the homebuying process. Students in this course will also learn how to help clients avoid foreclosure, and how to manage foreclosure if it becomes inevitable.

This is a 16 credit hour CEU.

See the Housing course outline.


Senior Credit Counselor

This course is designed for credit counselors who have worked in the industry and are ready to improve their credit counseling skills and develop new methods. Credit counselors in the Senior Credit Counselor course will discover new counseling techniques, practice unique scenarios, review previous knowledge, and learn new terms.

This is a 16 credit hour CEU.

See the Senior Credit Counselor course outline.

What does continuing education mean to you? Let us know in the comments below.

New to NACCC? Check out our preview course and see if NACCC’s instructor-led, online learning experience is your best path to becoming a Certified Credit Counselor.

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