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Managing finances along with a disability can be difficult. People with disabilities have to navigate disability coverage, workplace hurdles and their disability. It is often time-consuming and difficult.

NACCC CEO Heather Aiello (connect with her on LinkedIn) recently presented a webinar with the National Disability Institute to dispel myths, provide valuable knowledge and empower people to grow their credit scores and increase their career prospects. Her presentation focused on the importance of improving a credit score and how a credit score may affect employment opportunities.

The webinar also covers:

  • How people with disabilities can build a credit history
  • The differences between credit scores and credit reports
  • How to obtain a free credit report
  • How to access your credit score for free
  • How to improve a poor credit score
  • How credit can affect job seekers

The webinar is in audio format (perfect for listening at work or during a commute) and has accompanying slides.

Listen to the webinar and download the slides on the National Disability Institute website or watch the webinar in the embedded video below:

A credit score can affect more than job prospects. It can also affect personal relationships. Read more about how credit scores can predict relationship outcomes.

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