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We are proud to announce Dr. Teresa R. Martin will be presenting at the upcoming Society of Financial and Career Consulting Professionals Conference. Dr. Martin’s talk will be about the importance of personal financial wellness as it relates to building a business and business credit.

Dr. Teresa Martin, Certified Financial Health CoachDr. Teresa R. Martin is one of the founders and current CEO of Generational Wealth Zone. She has over twenty years of experience in legal and real estate investments, with a distinctive ability to motivate entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles that diminish brilliance or hinder greatness. As a highly talented professional and accomplished consultant, Teresa practices a streamlined and intuitive approach to assisting business owners, which rests on empathy, efficiency, and astute problem-solving. She has since discovered that most business owners were missing the key knowledge and planning skills necessary to make their business successful. This insight led Teresa to create a simple system where individual investors and entrepreneurs could receive exclusive training focused on business monetization. She effectively guides her clients with customized systems and follow-up implementation that turns prospects into profits through marketing, joint venture partnerships, product sales, business credit optimization and owner’s fundability. Her major strength is her unique ability to create strategic partnerships and develop sustainable alliances while resolving multiple, intricate issues and stimulating businesses to optimal performance and operational wellness.

Certified Financial Health CoachTeresa is ambitious, charismatic and self-motivated, always bringing her energy, knowledge and commitment of excellence to accomplish her aspirations. She is a co-author of Amazon’s#1 best seller “Entrepreneur on Fire– Conversations with Visionary Leaders” with Barbara Corcoran, Billionaire Real Estate Mogul and star of the hit ABC show Shark Tank. She is fully focused on integrating her skillsets and diverse experiences to assist small businesses grow into their full potential.

Teresa is a Licensed NY State Attorney, Certified Credit Counselor, Certified Financial Health Coach, Certified Bankruptcy Specialist, Real Estate Investment Consultant and Profit Strategist. When she’s off professional duties, she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

Get a preview of Dr. Martin’s energy, passion and knowledge by checking out her YouTube channel.

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