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starting line2018 is getting started. The new year brings new opportunities for change and prosperity. Whether your goals are focused on your career, finances, or something totally different, it’s important to get started now, even with small steps.

It’s a good time for credit counselors, career coaches, and financial coaches to remind their clients that the ability to change and grow is in their hands. A new calendar or planner for the year is an excellent physical item to highlight the new year and the potential for a better lifestyle. It allows counselors and clients alike to plan out their year and commit to their goals. It is a reminder that every step is a step closer to the finish line.

We are kicking the year off with 18 Tips for 2018. Throughout the month of January, we will be sharing financial and career tips on Facebook and Twitter for coaches and counselors to share with friends, family, and clients.

Here at NACCC, we are already working on our goals for 2018. Some are nearly completed, while others are just getting started:

  • We will be releasing our new designation: Certified Financial and Career Coach
  • We are excited to join Florida Prosperity Partnership and the Society of Financial and Career Consulting Professionals to host a full week of conferences in Orlando
  • We will be developing and releasing new CEUs. We want to create materials that match the needs of our clients and we appreciate feedback from the credit counseling and financial coaching community. Your suggestions for CEU topics can be sent to [email protected]

Everyone from the NACCC team wishes an excellent 2018 to our counselors, our coaches, and those new to learning about our organization. We hope we have the opportunity to share your successes with you in the coming year.

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