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When it comes to financial counseling, it is important to know about a wide variety of financial topics and strategies. One of those strategies is debt settlement.

The content from NACCC’s Debt Settlement Specialist program is being merged with our Certified Credit Counselor program. Certified Credit Counselor now includes the Debt Settlement Specialist supplement: The Power of Negotiation. Students will learn:

  • The debt settlement process
  • Conflict management
  • Negotiation strategies

Merging these two programs strengthens the Certified Credit Counselor program and provides aspiring credit counselors with a wider set of skills to handle difficult personal finance problems.

We are proud that all of our future credit counseling students will receive these additional skills.

In addition, NACCC certification programs are now instructor-led, so enrolled students have a knowledgeable expert available to answer questions on debt settlement, credit counseling and other financial topics.

If you are currently certified as a Debt Settlement Specialist, your certification is still valid.

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