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Taking the first step is always scary. Pursuing education and certification is a sometimes costly endeavor. Don’t be frightened by uncertainty or enrollment costs. Learn about the options we offer and discover why there’s nothing to fear when getting certified with NACCC.


NACCC PAYGO Makes Certification Accessible

With a NACCC PAYGO payment plan, students can enroll in our Certified Credit Counselor or Certified Financial Health Counselor program through just four payments of $180 (for a total enrollment cost of $720).

The courses are divided into four modules. Students are granted access to the first module course after the initial payment, and each additional payment allows access to the next module of the course. Students can create a flexible payment schedule that matches their needs: weekly, monthly, or anything in-between.


Don’t Be Uncertain, Learn More About the Credit Counselor Certification Program Course Features

It’s difficult to decide which certification is the right fit. There are all types of options that come in varying costs, formats, and styles. Make sure a NACCC certification is the best choice by checking out the course features.

Learn more about our course features.

Enroll in NACCC PAYGO.


NACCC Students Don’t Go It Alone

Our office is available to provide support and answer questions throughout the enrollment and certification process.

An instructor is available to provide additional guidance to enrolled students. A discussion board is also available so enrolled students can communicate with their peers from across the country.

The course itself provides lectures, reviews, and practice questions to prepare you for the final exam. The certification exam is proctored by video call, so if you are experiencing a technical difficulty or other issue someone is there to help.

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