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The National Association of Certified Credit Counselors (NACCC) is proudly launching our new online learning management system. The new courses are instructor-led and include online discussion boards for enrolled students to interact, network, and learn from each other. Our courses are now more efficient, accessible, and effective than ever, and we can’t wait to share them with more professionals.

Why a new online learning system?

At NACCC, we firmly believe that education should be accessible to all learners. Instructor-led, online learning allows users to access education on their time, while retaining access to an expert instructor and help team ready to support the learner on their career journey. Additional support is available from the NACCC office.

Why get a credit counseling certification from NACCC?

Our courses are based on studies, a needs and jobs analysis, and other research from multiple universities across the country. These studies have empowered NACCC to create courses that meet the present and professional needs of credit counseling and financial coaching experts. Our new online courses are one of the only instructor-led courses in credit counseling currently available, giving our students the guidance, assistance, and competitive edge they need to further their credit counseling careers. Courses are written and edited by teams that include university professors, lawyers, and credit and financial health professionals.

Continue reading to learn more about our new online learning features.


With simple menus and intuitive controls, the course is easy-to-navigate even for less tech-savvy students. It’s easy to move back to review previous modules or find the subject you are searching for.

The menu also displays your progress, showing what you’ve accomplished and how much you have left to go.


Read content easily, wherever you are

The online course is set up as modules which are further divided into units. Bullet-point lists, headers, and a design for mobile make the course easy to read on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Your learning goes with you, no matter where you log on.


Apply what you’ve learned with review questions and assignments

Review questions test student knowledge. Each module has an assignment to complete. Assignments are reviewed and feedback is provided by the course instructor. Students take a practice test to prepare for the final exam.


Audio lectures for listening

Listen to audio lectures from credit counseling professionals (with accompanying slides) to review the material and hear it from a new perspective.

The lectures are excellent listening for times when reading may not be an option.



Review slides

Go over the course one more time with review slides for quick studying.

The review slides cover the entire course, allowing you the opportunity to go over the material one more time in a different way.

The slides serve as notes to refresh students on the key terms, definitions, and concepts that will be found on the exam.


Additional resources

The appendix is filled with resources and guides to further serve the aspiring credit counselor. These resources are also helpful for credit counselors to share with their clients.



The courses are designed to be accessible to learners with disabilities.

Students who require additional accommodation are welcome to contact us and we will make the appropriate accommodations (for example, additional course or exam time).


Online testing

Students can take the final, proctored exam via webcam from the comfort of their home or office (webcam proctoring is $50.00).


The new online learning system is currently live and students are already enrolled and ready to meet you.

If you’re ready to go, you can enroll directly.

Get started now!

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